Work Plan

The work plan of the ICT Association encompasses a range of activities aimed at creating an enabling environment for ICT industry in Saint Lucia, setting higher standards for the practice of ICT, exposing our members to greater business opportunity and improving the capacity of our association. We intend to build relationships with sponsors and other institutions in order to successfully execute our activities.

Here is a summary of the 2015 - 2016 work plan:




Increase the number of members

Membership drives

Public awareness


Recruiting ICT teachers

More young people are into ICT careers

Summer workshop

Expose students to technology and how it works

Cooperation and collaboration

Form teams to work in projects

Workshop to encourage team building activities to promote cohesiveness

Social activities

Varifiable information

Members database

ICT Sector database

Routine update (scheduled)


Prioritise projects

Identify funding sources

Apply for funding

ICT culture in SL businesses

Educational awareness (advertising, articles)

Cross sector consultations

Dedicated staff

Hire executive director

Find a location

Division of labour and tasks

Work ethics initiative

Provide incentives (annual awards)

Establish standards (code of ethics, certification, quality standards)

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