In 2000, East Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) was established with the support of five OECS member states.  ECTEL was charged with the responsibility of driving the process of telecommunications liberalization.  Telecommunications liberailization was viewed as a major driver to improve socio-economic conditions given the role of telecommunications as a major platform to facilitate trade and business in the increasingly global market place.

The vision was that a liberalized telecommunications market would serve to catalyze economic growth through lower prices and improvement in the quality of service.  The evidence has shown that the liberalized market have achieved much of its intended objectives.  In particular, the market has benefited tremendously from wider range of services, lower prices, better quality and have created a myriad of opportunities for both exisiting and potential ICT service providers.

In light of these opportunities, there is a growth of small businesses providing a range of ICT services to the private sector.  Most of these small businesses employ between 5 and 20 persons. With the exception of multinational companies Cable & Wireless (now LIME) and Digicel, the majority of ICT businesses operating in Saint Lucia are locally owned. All of these domestically owned businesses provide a range of high quality, technology oriented services to the busines sector.

In recent times, the telecommunications sector as well as the computer and related business sector have been a subject of discussions both at the CSME level and the EPA negotiations and are viewed as one of the priority sectors which will stimulate economic growth. Given the large number of small and micro enterprises which characterize that sector, there is a need to organize these service providers under an umbrella organization to take advantage of the opportunities emanating from the bilateral and multi lateral trade agreements and to collectively confront the challenges.

Recognizing this, the St. Lucia Coalition of Service Industries has successfully mobilized a key grouping of ICT service providers under the umbrella body of SLICTA.  The overall aim of this association is to better represent the interest of the sector and advocate for regulations and legislations that will support further growth, development and expansion to enable the sector to realize its full potential as a key driver of economic growth.

Individual membership is open to all individuals substantially engaged in the provision of ICT solutions or actively working towards certification in an ICT discipline. Affiliate membership is also open to professionals in other fields with an interest in the development of the ICT industry in Saint Lucia.

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