• To promote computer literacy throughout Saint Lucia,
  • To further the study, science and application of information and communications technology.
  • To market ICT as a profession by encouraging the study of ICT among Saint Lucian youth regardless of gender.


  • To promote the formulation of effective policies on information and communications technology and related matters.
  • To influence and ensure, through the IT code of practice, the standard for quality service and products of IT are at an international level.
  • To maintain and promote the observance of a code of ethics for members of the association.
  • To promote, develop and monitor competence in the practice of information and communications technology by individuals and organizations.
  • To define and promote the maintenance of standards of knowledge of information and communications technology for members.


  • To create and develop an ICT Brand and market it to global prominence.
  • To increase business opportunities available to members by developing sustainable liaisons with government departments and authorities, parastatal organisations, relevant industry organisations and other appropriate regional and international agencies.
  • To increase member visibilty internationally through reciprocity arrangements with ICT related groupings, and agencies and full participation in networking events.
  • To define the landscape of ICT by promoting the advancement of information technology (IT) in Saint Lucia
  • To promote the benefits of membership to the Association and promote the benefits of employing members of SLICTA.
  • To participate in and represent the sector in the development of policies and regulations that govern the sector.


  • To provide a forum for exchange of ideas among professionals on Information Technology
  • To promote the growth and development of the ICT Community through education, business clustering, partnering, mentoring.

Public Outreach

  • To heighten public awareness by promoting the contribution of information technology to the development of Saint Lucia through member mobilisation and industry related events.
  • To extend the knowledge and understanding of information and communications technology in the community.



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