Title Description
Programme & Events Committee This committee is responsible for ensuring programmes and events comply with all policies, procedures and strategic plan of the association. To implement all activities and events of the association. To operate a framework to monitor & evaluate all past & current programmes & events with a view to improve future activities.
Legal Committee This committee shall be responsible for providing advice and support in the development of appropriate legislation and regulation to govern the ICT sector.
Finance Committee This committee will be responsible for planning, managing, recording and reporting on the finances of the association. The Treasurer will sit on the committee. It was decided that if and when the chairman steps down from his position, the Treasurer will assume the role as Finance Committee Chairman.
Communications, PR and Marketing Committee This committee will be responsible for the promotion and marketing of the association and for communication and interfacing with outside entities and the public. This committee will take responsibility for the maintenance of the website content once it has been completed.
Training, Education, Accreditation and Certification Committee This committee will document and maintain records of the qualifications and certifications of members. It will also actively seek opportunities for training of members including funding and discounts. The committee will also coordinate with external agencies on matters of Accreditation and recognition.
Ethics and Disciplinary Committee This committee will formulate and propose to the Board Ethics policy guiding the conduct of the members of the association and interface the clients of members who file grievances against them. This committee will also receive and review all internal and external allegations of legal, ethical or disciplinary breaches among members and propose possible actions to the Board.
Membership Services Committee This committee will handle all activities relating to membership including recruitment, membership support, membership data, membership participation, benefits, morale and disputes.
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